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"create the body you want to live in

& the life you want to lead"

Teaching You The Beauty, Fitness, Health & wellness Formula

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Walk Yourself Happy & Healthy

"create the body you want to live in

& the life you want to lead"

​​​​​​​I invite you to explore my world, where empowerment, well-being, and growth are at the heart of everything I do. Together, let's embrace the journey of becoming the best versions of ourselves.

My Story


​​​​​​​As a lover of movement and expression, I used to regularly teach street-dance, fitness, and Zumba to individuals of all ages. This included working with children who have special needs, including physical, emotional, and mental health challenges.

I am an author, speaker, mentor and coach dedicated to helping women create their ideal life.

My lifelong desire to help other women succeed in their health, fitness, beauty & lifestyle was born out of modest beginnings: Originally from the West Midlands, England; My parents came to the UK from the Caribbean as teenagers. They meet through mutual friends and fell in love. My amazing & very hard working parents had five children of which I am the eldest.

I have always loved dancing from an early age and not only attended dance school for ballet, tap and modern dance, but I also created a dance club when only 9 years old at my primary school and continued this at secondary school. In addition, I qualified to teacher with IDTA.

I benefited from a number of thoughtful, generous teachers and mentors along the way; who as a result, helped me realise that I could succeed at becoming a primary school teacher myself.

Despite being a single parent at the age of 21, I was attending Teacher Training College through my local University, holding down 2 jobs and bringing up my daughter.

When I became a teacher, I really found the job was not what I expected it to be. SATs and the National Curriculum had just come in (1990's)and they changed the way teaching took place in schools. In addition to this I was saddened to see some of the practices that were taking place and felt completely distraught when her Head Master said “stop worrying so much. We just want to turn out a happy bunch of idiots!”

This left me cold and I decided that maybe the school environment was not the place for me. I wanted to help children, but also realised that adults need help too. I then went on to complete a Sales & Marketing Diploma via Distance Learning and left teaching to spend 10 years as a Recruitment Consultant in Education and then Legal Recruitment

Creator of the fitness journal planner 'The LAW - Lifestyle Assessment Workbook​​​​​​​' Your daily step by step guide to mindfulness and motivation around weight management and a healthy lifestyle.

I am the creator of the health & fitness private coaching programFit and Fab Forever in 90 Days,  Fitness & Weight Management for Women over 40where my ladies can lose up to 20lbs and learn how to keep the weight off forever!

Wow! So, I represented the UK in Palm Springs, USA in June 2018, where although I did not win the Internationals, I was crowned ‘Mother of the Year, Classic’!

Then I had the pleasure of crowning my successor - Laurie Meisak​​​​​​​

A Bit More About Me!
Author, Speaker & Coach
- in Fitness, Health, Beauty & Lifestyle.

Originally qualified as a Primary School Teacher, I moved into recruitment and then after getting married to a farmer, I decided to change my career path completely. 

I'm a woman who loves shoes, fashion & makeup, So I decided to train & qualified as a Professional Makeup Artist & became a member of the Guild of Beauty Therapists. I started working in theatres, bridal & wedding events, fashions shows, TV, & The Sun newspaper. Recognised by Aspire Publication, I became an Award Winning Makeup Artist, in 2016. I have since gone on to establish the Savage Beauty Academy, allowing anyone over 16 years the opportunity to train as an accredited makeup artist. 

In the meantime, around, 2011, I trained in Zumba Fitness, Zumba Gold, Burst (HIIT) & Glutes (FITT). I also set up a local street-dance club for 5-15 year olds; and became a fully qualified Fitness Instructor. Because charity begins at home, I actually gave FREE sessions of Zumba to the local Community, as long as each person who  attended gave £1 donation for Fostering Network Charity.

Philanthropy & giving back are really important to me, so I have undertaken various charity events, community exhibitions, fairs and auctions to raise funds for numerous causes, raising over £10,000.

More recently, I have fostered 21 children of which 4 went on to adoption. I even asked for no birthday presents so friends & family could donate to the Fostering Network, which raised over £500

Because of all my charity work, I was nominated for ‘Mrs Warwickshire, 2017’ which I won and then went on to attend the UK, National Finals in London, Where, I was successful in winning the title ‘Mrs United Kingdom Classic’ under the Mrs World pageant system.